Instagram over the years has evolved into a possible income channel for businesses. The social network has opened up so many doors for well established businesses & small start ups world wide. However being able to make sales & get followers is something a lot of businesses fail to master.

Being able to boost your instagram business account following needs time & a lot of testing, because social media campaigns don't have a one size fits all solution, it's crucial to compare & observe what works for you & your business. Sometimes what works for other businesses online might not work for you, so paitence & campaign testing are factors that'll guarantee your success.

Below are a few tips that can help you grow your following & professionalism on Instagram organically.

1. Create a Theme : Having a creative Instagram theme shows that you value presentation & makes your Instagram account look creative. It increases interaction & engagement with your content.
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2. Comments are more important than likes : Engaging with your followers benefits your business in the long run because you get the opportunity to create relationships on your social accounts, solid relationships will open doors to reoccurring income. Having regular clients guarantees you regular sales.

3. Post Regularly : Posting content regularly keeps eyes on your brand, improving the chances of getting engagement & making sales.

4. Give value to your followers : Your content should always give value to your followers, it can be from posting informative content that helps solve problems you know your clients/followers are facing (e.g. How To posts, infographics etc.) to entertaining content (e.g. viral memes or entertaining clips in your niche etc.)

5. Update your bio : Having a short descriptive bio on Instagram will help you attain the specific kind of followers your business needs. It automatically filters your following leaving you with people who genuinely have an interest in your business or generally have an interest for the field of business you’re in. It also gives you the opportunity to put your website link as well, this boosts the organic traffic to your website opening doors to more sales.

6. Post your instagram links on other social accounts: This is a simple way to increase organic traffic to your instagram account. Combining your social accounts in a social media marketing campaign is a powerful trick if used the right way. It's also a simple way to spread out your followers across the different social accounts you own.

7. Collaborate with other accounts: Collaborations with other accounts in your niche can do wonders for your organic traffic. You can have "mention" collaborations, "hashtag" collaborations, picture/video swap collaborations & more, it's up to you & what you feel will benefit your business. It builds relationships with other people in your niche too. Having good relationships with other entities will definitely benefit your business in the long run.

8. Create a curated account that's in your businesses niche: creating a curated account is a quick and easy way to get eyes and followers on your account. Make sure your business account link or website link is in the bio of your curated account. Also when posting content make sure to tag your business account in the caption of your posts. It's a more effective way of getting followers organically.

9. Leverage whatsapp groups: posting your content and links on whatsapp groups helps with boosting the organic traffic to your instagram account. Posting on groups that are in-line with your business will help you attain the right kind of followers. WhatsApp, if used the right way, can definitely expand your income channels. It's a simple tool that can boost your income & social account following.

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10. Get a website made: this is one of the most important tips on this list. A website opens more doors for your business. You get the opportunity to direct your followers to your own personal platform, it's extremely professional and it gives you the chance to educate your customers about your products and services. You also get access to tools that help you grow your mail lists, which is an important part of re-marketing.
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Bonus Point

11. Don't pay for followers: in a business sense it's totally pointless to do so because your 30 000 paid followers won't comment, like or share your content but most importantly they won't boost your sales & income. It's better to have a thousand paying customers than to have 30 000 placeholder followers that don't even need your services


Instagram business accounts should be treated differently from a personal one. It's key to express professionalism in your business account.

The main focus of an instagram business account is having the right kind of followers, having thousands of unrelated followers won't do much for your income so it's crucial to have a following that is already interested in your products or services (or at least interested in your businesses niche).

The whole purpose of social media campaigns is to expand your income channels. So it doesn't really benefit your sales to advertise to a following that's not really interested in your services or brand. It's a waste of your precious time, data & money.

DiV WORQS      21 Oct 2019
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